The Way Hairdressers Make Your Hair Silky, Soft & Smooth

By wet washing your hair and then blow-drying it, hairdressers tend to make it smooth and silky in the process. However, hair stylists also use a large variety of products that get the job done. Following Elena advice from Newcastle Staircases, the number one item among them is a hydrating shampoo. It will cause your hair to gain a whole lot of moisture, and it will naturally soften it out as well. Depending on your hair’s kind, form, and situation, the stylist will use a matching shampoo. It and only this will deliver the final desired look of your dreams. You will look fantastic and fabulous. 

While you may purchase these shampoos and products at the supermarket, their application is a job best left to the professional stylists. 

The hairdresser starts the process 

  • Rinsing your hair with hot or cold water may cause the strands to become dehydrated and lifeless if the hair is too hot. 
  • Also, the stylist will most probably wash your hair for a longer than usual time. It is all the better to remove any last residue of shampoo from your strands. 
  • Usage of a conditioner will add silky shine to your hair, and the application of cold water will seal the split ends. 

After your hair has been patted until it is a bit dry with a towel, it is time to apply many complex products. Remember, heat from a styling rod can ultimately be damaging. So be careful. The best policy is to dry the hair in portions partially. Usually, the hairstylist will ask you a plethora of questions before commencing the professional treatment. You know what your hair responds to well, and it is your duty to tell your hairstylist all about what suits you to a T. Ultimately, it all boils down to how you get your hair blow-dried. Therein lies the crux of the matter. Also, the superior quality shampoo works wonders in an almost magical manner. You can thank modern biochemical technology for that. The stuff you find nowadays will make dull, lifeless and faded hair suddenly pick up on volume, size and light bounce. 

The hair serum shampoos and conditioners are the things which work the hair-altering miracles of modern times. What you need in the beginning is a clarifying shampoo. The turn of the conditioner comes after it naturally. The hair brushing has to be done carefully since damage could be done to the hair if the stylist is not dealing with your hair with some tender loving care. It ought to be a gentle and smooth process instead of a troublesome task in itself. A little patience is all that is required. There are also hair oils that detangle, add moisture, soften your hair, and manage frizz control as a fringe benefit. The whole process leaves your hair looking like that of a model on the cover of Vogue magazine. You will look gorgeous and groovy if you are a lady and handsome and like a hunk if you are a man. Also, the styling tools have to be a notch above for the softening process to go well. Ultimately, it is a multifactorial job which, if it goes well, will make you the proud owner of hair that is soft as gossamer yet strong as nylon.

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