On Washing Your Hair Before Going to a Hair Salon

While the majority of the work will be done on your hair at the hair salon, there are specific steps which you should take before going there. The most important of these is that your hair ought to be squeaky clean. Clients often enter the hairdresser’s shop with hair that hasn’t been cleaned in a week, and the job of fixing their hair becomes an ordeal or nightmare. Those who want to dye their hair, clean it beforehand will ensure that the dye will spread evenly all over the strands. Actually, before a haircut, it is not precisely mandatory that you wash your hair. The only thing is that the hair should be manageable. For that, it all comes down to the hair type. Anyone desiring a dry cut ought to enter the hair salon with freshly washed hair. This much is evident as the light of day. The problem with build-up is that it can get in the way of a joyous, relaxed and free-flowing haircut.

However, if you want a wet haircut, the rules suddenly change. If you want to dye your hair, the hair has to be dry before the colour, and other stuff is applied to them. Now there is a difference between washing and shampooing your hair. The former involves rinsing your hair while the latter, of course, involves a more complicated route. Sometimes, if you enter the hair salon with dirty, unkempt hair, the hairstylist will charge extra for washing and shampooing your hair. Be aware of this since it is much more economical to wash and shampoo your hair at home than get them done by a hairstylist who will charge an astronomical amount for the complete nonsense.

Besides, to walk into the salon with tangled hair is a pretty lousy fashion statement that says out loud that you are a careless person. It will probably take the hairstylist eons to detangle your strands, which is a painful job and an embarrassing process. You want your time spent at the hair salon to be as brief as possible. Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, you want the job you are there to be accomplished instead of some extra jobs, which cost you an arm and a leg.

If you want to dye your hair, remember that any wound on your scalp will hurt like hell if the dye chemical gets in contact with it. To heal any wounds or sores by applying some antiseptic solution or Dettol on them with a cotton swab before your appointment. While no one is telling you to display a sophisticated hairdo every time you enter the stylist’s premises, it is necessary to be at least a bit presentable. Nobody wants to look like Slash from Guns’n’Roses. Hair that is greasy or left in a wild and woolly state compounds the hairdresser’s worries and duties.

The norm is to wash your hair well three days before visiting the hairdresser. Also, don’t apply any fancy products to your hair since they can lead to an excess of build-up later on which you wouldn’t want to occur. Short of shampooing and detangling your hair using a conditioner, any other complex procedures ought to be left for the future. Those wishing to get their hair dyed ought to wash their hair 12 to 24 hours beforehand. Try not to scratch your scalp or pick on your hair since both will only create hurdles in the way of the stylist’s job. Be neat and presentable, and the process will go smooth as silk. Finally, if you want to get your hair styled, it is advisable to wash your hair on the previous night. Also, blow dry it beforehand since this will make the job easier.

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